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  • August President's Message

    The city of Pittsburgh has been bustling with the return of thousands of college students to town. As we send our children back to school (mine went back today - woo-hoo) our thoughts turn to the end of the year and that means planning for year-end giving has begun.  If your organization does not run a year end campaign - I encourage you to start small and work your way up. The statistics are impressive.
    10 Reasons to Host a Year-End Campaign
    1. Nearly one third (31%) of annual giving occurs in December.
    2. 12% of all giving happens in the last three days of the year.
    3. 53.8% of nonprofits start planning their year-end appeal in October.
    4. November (46.2%) and December (30.8%) are the most popular months for making year-end asks. 7.1% of organizations start as early as September.
    5. 28% of nonprofits raise between 26-50% of their annual funds from their year-end ask.
    6. 36% of nonprofits raise less than 10% of their annual funds from their year-end ask.
    7. Two thirds of people who make donations do no research before giving.
    8. 79% of volunteers also donate to their organization.
    9. 59.9% of nonprofits make between 1-3 donor "touches" for their year-end campaign.
    10. Direct mail is the most popular medium for year-end asks, followed by email, a nonprofits website and in-person asks.

    If you haven't started year-end campaign planning yet - there is still time to do so. There are many resources available on how to write and implement a year-end campaign. Giving Tuesday is set for November 29th - you can start there! If you have questions on where to begin or what to do - send me an email and one of our Board members will talk you through the process.

    Enjoy the rest of the summer and have a safe and happy Labor Day holiday.

    Jodie Tabano
    President, AFP Western PA